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* Currently there are 7446 individuals and 2248 families in The Tree.
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This website holds information that relates to our family tree, whose roots are primarily based in Lancashire, Yorkshire and surrounding counties in the North of England, but whose branches spread and extend overseas to the United States of America, Canada and Australia.

This site contains extensive information for the surnames Rawcliffe and Sudall, whilst the surnames Croasdale, Hornby, Huddleston and Westwell, are being developed in collaboration with other individuals.

You may find some of your relatives within this site. If so, I hope you find the information useful to your research.

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> > > The Tree

The Tree contains the basic information about the individuals in our tree. It has an index of surnames present, as well as an index of persons, to help you find a specific individual.

Once you have found an individual, you will be able to click on various links to walk up and down the branches.

The Tree has been constructed based on the contributions of more than one individual, and represents many years of research.

Wherever possible the source, or origin, of the information will be shown so that the information can be checked if required.

Every effort has been made to exclude information on living people. This has been done to respect people's privacy, so if you see any errors of this type, please let me know.

Useful Tip :-
If you get lost in The Tree, then use the links at the bottom of each page.


> > > About the accuracy of information

Warning : I am human, therefore there will be some mistakes, and an occasional assumption.
( Does anyone complete a jigsaw without putting a few pieces in the wrong place, at some time during it's construction ?)

Most of the information was collected from Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates, Parish Registers, Census returns from 1841 , Wills, Newspaper articles, using information handed down by family members as the initial guide. It has taken many years to assemble this information.

Computers and family history research are becoming inextricably linked, as more and more data becomes available electronically. One day perhaps it will no longer be necessary to drag yourself out of your cosy armchair to go to the library or record office. One drawback that is emerging, is that an increasing number of people are trying to research their family history without leaving their computer keyboard, expecting everything they need to be either on a CD, or the Internet.
This situation isn't helped by the claims made by some suppliers on their packaging. I met someone who proudly announced that his family history research was easy, and that he had just 'researched' his family tree back to the 1500s and it had only taken him 3 days using his computer !

The problem for researchers arises when we rely too heavily upon third party information, which invariably contains inaccurate or wrong information, or has been incorrectly transcribed. Not all genealogists are interested in finding the truth. A lot of material published on the web contains much detail that is unconfirmed. These have become incorporated into the huge databases on the internet and it is from this record pool that many hundreds and thousands of researchers extract material from every day. It should be noted that they have probably submitted these details with the best of intentions wishing to share their research with everyone.

If you wish to report any errors then please contact me.

> > > What software is used

To maintain your records on a computer

Family Tree Maker version 2005

Family Tree Maker is not the only software available, but I have found it a useful tool to store and organise the basic information collected. Whatever software you intend to use, I would recommend that you check the supplier's, or distributor's website, in order to obtain the latest version.

Further information is available here [off-site] Family Tree Maker (Version 2005).

The software you use, will normally allow you to save the data as a GEDCOM file which generally permits the file to be imported into different family tree software.

If you have software that can read GEDCOM files, then contact me for further information.

Generating customised webpages for a website

After creating a GEDCOM file, web pages can be generated by using some further software [off-site] GED2HTML which is becoming widely used on the internet. This software can be customised to achieve a variety of results.

Palm PDA Software

There is always a problem remembering all those dates, and it is not always practical to take papers, folders, or laptops to a record office. Here is one for the Palm devices that I use called [off-site] Gedstar, the author includes screen shots

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