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 > > > Events

Historical Timeline - Some key events that may have affected the people living between 1600 and the present day.

Cotton Famine 1861-5 - Effect of the American Civil war on the Lancashire cotton mills.

Moorfield Pit disaster - 17 Nov 1883 Colliery explosion at Moorfield pit near Accrington, Lancashire

 > > > Military History

English Civil War 1642-1651 - A summary of the key events, includes an extract of the local impact around Accrington, Lancashire

[ off site ] Siege of Lathom House - Situated between Ormskirk and Wigan, Lancashire, describes the principal incidents connected with its earlier history, the sieges to which it was subjected during the Civil War, and its final capture and demolition.

[ off site ] English Civil War Society - History re-enactment group. Pictures and information related to The English Civil War.

[ off site ] The Sealed Knot Society - The famous English Civil War Re-enactment group. Pictures and information related to The English Civil War.

[ off site ]  Block Houses of the Boer War - This site provides further information about the Blockhouses built during the Boer War. Richard Sudall (born 1878) took a photograph of a blockhouse built by the Manchesters.

[ off site ] Accrington Pals : The site is dedicated to the memory of the 11th (Service) Battalion (Accrington) East Lancashire Regiment, better known as the Accrington Pals. Includes a Roll of Honour for Rishton, Great Harwood, Clayton-le-Moors, Altham, Church, Huncoat, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington and Baxenden.HOT

[ off site ] The British Army in the Great War - Includes accounts of attack on Serre

 > > > World War One Poets

[ off site ] The Wilfred Owen Association - Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) served in the 2nd Manchesters and was present on the Serre battlefield, the Somme, France in January 1917. This is the same battlefield where the Accrington Pals were slaughtered on the first day of the Somme 1st July 1916. His poem 'The Sentry' is based on his 48 hour experience, on 12 Jan 1917, whilst occupying a German dugout near the Quadrilateral. In a letter to his mother, Susan, dated 16 Jan 1917 he writes ' I can see no excuse for deceiving you about the last 4 days. I have suffered seventh hell'.
The Serre Number 2 cemetery was placed on the site of the large German Redoubt, the 'Heidenkopf', known to the British as the 'Quadrilateral'. At a later stage Wilfred also occupied a position on the eastern spur of the Redan ridge.

Wilfred Owen was shot on 4th November 1918, whilst attempting to repair a crossing over the Oise-Sambre canal near Ors, France. He is buried in the Communal Cemetery, Ors, France.

[ off site ] The Siegried Sasson - Siegried Sassoon (1886-1967) a short biography of one of the famous World War One poets. Whilst at Craiglockhart War Hospital in Edinburgh, he met the poet Wilfred Owen, and encouraged Owen's writing. Siegfried Sassoon died at Heytesbury House in Wiltshire, and is buried in St Andrew's Churchyard, Mells, Somerset.

[ off site ] Rupert Brooke Rupert Brooke (1887-1915) Included here as Brooke's entire reputation as a war poet rests on only five "war sonnets". His most famous work is perhaps, 'If I should die, think only this of me: That there's some corner of a foreign field That is for ever England'. The Soldier (1915).

Whilst sailing to the Dardanelles, Rubert Brooke subsequently died of septicaemia on a hospital ship off Skyros, and was buried in an olive grove on the Greek Island of Skyros, near Tris Boukes Bay.

Other War Poets you may wish to study include :-
Richard Aldington 1882-1962
Laurence Binyon 1869-1943
Edmund Blunden 1896-1974
Wilfrid Wilson Gibson 1878-1962
Julian Grenfell 1888-1915
Ivor Gurney 1890-1937
John McCrae 1872-1918
Herbert Read 1893-1968
Isaac Rosenberg 1890-1918
Lady Margaret Sackville 1881-1963
Charles Hamilton Sorley 1895-1915
Edward Thomas 1878-1917
Humbert Wolfe 1885-1940

Woodbine Willy (Revd. GA Studdert Kennedy MC, CF) 1883-1829

This website does not include an in depth study of the war poets. Further information can of course be found on the web. The inclusion of the war poets is primarily due to the connection of Wilfred Owen to the same battlefield where the Accrington Pals lost their lives, and thereafter to relations in 'The Tree' who served with the Accrington Pals.

[ off site ] Poets Graves- 108 poets included on this website. Includes Who's buried where, Mini biographies, Photographs, Poetry resources and Classic poems.

 > > > Old homes around Huncoat, Lancashire

Ponthalgh Farm - Also known as Ponthalgh, Plowtalgh or Park Farm. Photograph and 1848 map of Ponthalgh Farm, near Church, Lancashire. Omerod Sudall born 1859 lived here, next door to George Haworth (born 1846), according to the 1881 Census return.

Huncoat - White Lion Inn (built circa 1780) Photograph and 1848 map of White Lion Inn, Huncoat, Lancashire, owned by Lawrence Rawcliffe. The Rawcliffe family were Huncoat worthies and were also associated with the Walton Arms, Altham and were managers of the mill at Lowerhouse near Burnley, Lancashire.

Huncoat Hall, Hillhouse and Slatepits Farm all inhabited by members of the Sudall family. Photographs and maps circa 1848.

Huncoat - Bygone village life a description of life in Huncoat, Lancashire in the 19th Century.

Moss Hall, Accrington - James Rawcliffe and Edmund Rawcliffe born 1814 lived here.

Highbrake Hall (near Altham, Lancashire) - Occupied by the Rev. William Wood, for forty-four years incumbent of Altham Church. Mr. Wood conducted an academy, or high-class school for boys of well-to-do families in the district. These included the Rawcliffes and Yates of Huncoat, Dugdales of Lowerhouse, and Simpsons of Oswaldtwistle.

> > >Local Links

[ off site ] Accrington Uncovered - June Huntingdon's excellent website with photos of old Accrington.HOT

[ off site ] Owd Bert - Photographs of Hyndburn, and other areas HOT

[ off site ] Ronald L Drinkwater - Memoirs of an uncommon man

[ off site ] Accrington Web - Forum for all things related to Accrington and Hyndburn, past and present.

[ off site ] Burnley Web - Forum for all things related to Burnley, Pendle and Padiham area.

[ off site ] People of Padiham Action Group - Local website (Sadly lots of Pop-up windows)

[ off site ] Lancashire towns - Historical information about towns in Lancashire (A Lancashire Hotpots Website).

[ off site ] Great Harwood - local information about Great Harwood, Lancashire.

[ off site ] Hyndburn - The Official Tourism Website Of Hyndburn Borough Council.

[ off site ] Rhyddings High School - Oswaldtwistle.

[ off site ] Lancashire - Genealogical and historical records and resources for Lancashire at

[ off site ] - Providing access to Britain's digital historical map archive. Find out where your ancestors used to live or check out what your neighbourhood looked like over a hundred years ago.HOT

[ off site ] Lancashire Record Office - Repository for Lancashire archives

[ off site ] Church and Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club The Club was formed in 1856 and moved to its present site in 1890, joining the Lancashire Cricket League two years later. Site includes a section on it's history and a photo gallery.

[ off site ] Surname Interests for Lancashire, England at

[ off site ] West Yorkshire Archive Service - Search the archive catalogue

 > > > Family History and History Societies

[ off site ] Poulton-le-Fylde Historical and Civic Society

[ off site ] Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society

[ off site ] Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society

[ off site ] UK Genealogy - Lancashire

 > > > Churches

[ off site ] St. James' Accrington Bellringers Home page - Ding Dong ! ! Hear the bells, and find out more about St James' Accrington.

[ off site ] St. John's Church (Baxenden) - About the parish church of Baxenden, Lancashire.

[ off site ] Peel Street Baptist (Accrington) The Baptist Chapel in Peel Street, a well known Accrington Landmark.

Altham Parish Church  - The church at Elvetham by Jack Broderick.

[ off site ] St. Leonard's Parish Church (Padiham) - Photographs and information, about St. Leonards Parish, Padiham.

[ off site ] Lancashire Churches (a personal selection)

 > > > Bibliography

Bibliography - A few useful books relating to events and local history.

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