Within the Tree is John Thomas Bickerstaffe who married a Malinda or Melinda Hornby on 14th April 1900 in Baxenden Lancashire. John Thomas Bickerstaffe's son Harold apparently ' spoke of an uncle who was Mayor of Blackpool and who was instrumental in the building of a clock tower. In the face of the clock were the letters to the name BICKERSTAFFE instead of numbers. Apparently, the family also had some involvement with a steamboat company.'

The Bickerstaffe's and Hornby's were connected to the Swan Hotel Accrington around 1891-1896.

From rags to riches, or riches to rags, it would appear that on the 1881 Census John Thomas, his sister Nancy and his mother Ann are living at the 'Workhouse' Moor Street, Kirkham.

Further work is clearly required to establish a connection with Sir John Bickerstaffe, but it looks promising.

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Sir John Bickerstaffe

When John Bickerstaffe, a Blackpool businessman, visited the Great Paris Exhibition in 1889 and saw Gustav Eiffel's awesome new tower he was so impressed that when he came back home he set about founding the Blackpool Tower Company which led to the building of the Blackpool Tower.

Sir John Bickerstaffe was mayor of Blackpool 1889-1891.

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower was designed by R.J.G. Read, Maxwell and Tuke. It is a grade 1 listed building. The foundation stone was laid on 29th September 1891 by Sir Matthew Ridley M.P., and was opened to the public on the Whit Monday 14th May 1894

Vital statistics, Blackpool Tower is 518 feet and 9 inches tall to the top of the flagpole and weighs in at 2586 tons. Preservation of the tower requires four tons of red lead and one and a half tons of oxide paint each time it is covered.

In 1997 there were an estimated 1.2 million visitors to Blackpool Tower and an estimated 7.8 million visitors to Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Alderman Tom Bickerstaffe

Alderman Tom Bickerstaffe was the bother of Sir John Bickerstaffe , was initiated in the Blackpool Masonic Lodge in November 1885 and occupied the Master's Chair in 1891.

Robert Bickerstaffe

Robert Bickerstaffe, a member of the pioneering Blackpool family and former coxswain of the first Blackpool lifeboat, the Central Pier soon became known as the 'people's pier' because of its speciality - dancing. In Victorian times the class system was rife, and working class activities like dancing were very much frowned upon by the genteel folk frequenting the North Pier. Even though many residents argued that the Central Pier's dancing facilities 'lowered the tone of the area', the pier became a great success with bands frequently playing polkas, barn dances, lancers and quadrilles.

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