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* Bickerstaffe

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* Haworth

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* Huddleston

* Porter

* Rawcliffe

* Sudall

* Westwell

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[off site] Web Pages of the Hall Family of Prestbury
Connects via Mercy Haworth (20 Apr 1840 - 2 Dec 1911) who married John Sudall (25 Jun 1838 - 25 Jul 1902).
Mercy's parent's were James Haworth (1792 - 14 Apr 1872) and Sarah Crowther (about 1801 - Aug 1862).
Fiona Hall's website provides insight into the Haworth's and the early days of Methodism in Oswaldtwistle. The Haworth's were associated with Rhydding's Methodist Church at Oswaldtwistle, also known as Mount Pleasant.

[off site] Steven H.J. Bickerstaffe's website
Connects via John Thomas Bickerstaffe (16 Dec 1876 - 26 May 1946) who married Melinda Hornby (1881 - 29 Mar 1962).
John Thomas Bickerstaffe and Malinda Hornby married on 14 April, 1900 at St. John's Church, Baxenden, Nr. Accrington, Lancashire.

[off site] Diane Waters website includes research into the surname Croasdell, Croasdale and Croasdaile. Diane uses two URL's Diane and John Waters' Home Page also Diane's Croasdell Family History

[off site] Patrick Wallace's website connects via Henry G.A. Searle (23 Jan 1903-1 Oct 1942) who married on 15 Jul 1933 Bertha Sudall (born 5 Jul 1901)

> > >Some Noteworthy Individuals

The links below may be imortant as Henry Sudell was a wealthy individual.
According to family lore, Henry Sudell may be part of the tree.
The exact link has yet to be established.

[ off site ] Henry Sudell of Woodfold Park, Blackburn (reference)

[ off site ] Henry Sudell - Bell's Weekly Messenger 10-April-1831 Insolvents, Bankrupts, Dividends - April 29. H. Sudell, Woodfold park, Lancashire, merchant.

[ off site ] Preston North End Football Club : Family lore has a link to the Suddell who was associated with this club.

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[off-site] Rossbret Institutions Website - Links to old occupations

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